Many hospitality brands work with food bloggers and influencers to create engaging Reels, enticing images and creative campaigns to generate awareness for their venue. This can help to increase reservations, boost engagement or keep your brand front-of-mind. But choosing what influencer to work with can be tricky and not all influencers are created equal! We’ve put together our list of the top Melbourne food bloggers on Instagram and TikTok to get you started.


Instagram  @melbfoodieee
TikTok @melbfoodieee

It wouldn’t be a list of top Melbourne food bloggers on Instagram and TikTok without Ailene — the queen of calming voiceovers and satisfying ASMR tap, tap, taps. Having been on Instagram and TikTok for over four years, she continues to reach new heights in the world of food and culture.

Ailene’s feed is filled with enticing and dynamic video footage that inspires her followers to suss out  Melbourne’s greatest venues. Ailene has a sturdy Instagram following, followed closely by her TikTok, which is known to acquire views in the millions, so she’s our pick of the bunch when it comes to reaching a HUGE Melbourne-based audience that’s genuinely interested in trying what she’s slinging.

Foodie or Fatty

IG @foodie_or_fatty
TT @foodie_or_fatty

Connie is one of Melbourne’s OG foodies and a notably early embracer of TikTok. Her feed is scattered with food destinations from trending hotspots to quirky food courts like IKEA, which makes her page a great place to put your brand in front of the masses.

We love working with Connie as she often showcases products and places that are a little out of the ordinary. Her followers expect the unexpected and are actively open to discovering something new.

Fun fact: Maddy loved this video so much that she may or may not have snuck over to Prahran Market on her lunch break and treated herself to a Snowball or two.


Eats with Kayli

IG @eatswithkayli
TT @eatswithkayli

Kayli is our go-to when we need to find a new restaurant – fast.

It’s not uncommon for her to check out and promote a place the moment it gains traction, which makes her an appealing alignment for businesses wanting to assert their presence and highlight their expertise in the Melbourne hospitality scene.

One look at her feed and you’ll find a variety of interesting dishes, pleasant voiceovers and snappy, easy-to-read captions.

Melb Food Album

IG @melbfoodalbum
TT @melbfoodalbum

Nothing brings us greater joy than jumping on TikTok and checking out where Tiff has visited last. Plus, a scroll on her account is sure to evoke hunger driven by her favourite way of captivating people: interesting video covers.

There are a LOT of Melbourne food bloggers on TikTok, but not many have embraced the niche as well as Tiff. That’s why she’s got to be one of our favourite TikTok influencers right now.

Alex’s Foodie Adventures

IG @alexsfoodieadventures
TT @alexsfoodieadventures

If you’re on the lookout for a trusted foodie to showcase your offering, they don’t come much better than Alex.

Her following is captivated by her dedication to sourcing some of Melbourne’s yummiest food places, making her a great option for businesses wanting to launch a new menu item (like a new dessert or special) or service  — which is exactly why we love working with her.

Plus, she’s one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet, which means collaborating with her is an absolute pleasure.

Top Melbourne food bloggers on Instagram and TikTok

Tips for working with Melbourne’s top food bloggers

If you’re thinking about working with influencers, not only are you going to reach more of your targeted audience but you’ll be able to leverage from a:

  • Trusted voice
  • Someone who is an expert at creating engaging content
  • Just as excited about food and drinks as you are!
  1. Set your goals — What is your main objective? What results do you want to record and what specifically do you want to promote?
  2. Understand who you’re trying to influence — Your customers? Potential customers?
  3. Look into the rules and regulations surrounding the industry — AIMCO is a great place to start in terms of legalities.
  4. Compile a list of the influencers you’d like to work with — Narrowing down your options makes the process a whole lot easier. Do your research to determine if they’re the right fit. Look at past examples of their work, if they’ve worked with similar brands and who they follow.
  5. Reach out! Pitching to them via email is critical and should never be done via direct message.
  6. Work with your chosen influencer and ensure they have some creative say — They are the talent after all, so giving them some creative freedom is a great way to get the results you’re both after.
  7. Measure the results of your campaign. Keep an eye on how their content is tracking.
  8. Don’t forget to reshare their content, with their permission, of course!
  9. Also use this blog article we prepared as a bit of a checklist before you post

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