Let’s be Reel for a second. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying Reels are currently taking the world by storm. Ever since Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, jumped on – we’ve officially entered a new era of content creation with more ways than ever to reach and engage with our followers. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into the Reel world? Here are 6 Reels tips you need to know before getting started.

First, let’s look at why Reels are important

Reels and videos are an easy and personable way to connect with your followers. Whether you’re:

  • Talking directly to the camera to promote your brand-new product or service
  • Giving your followers a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of your business
  • Showcasing your team member’s quirky personalities to inspire connection

Reels receive 40% more engagement than other Instagram content, plus they can be repurposed in advertising and PR campaigns – much more versatile than a carousel post, right?

Stress less 

Starting out can be daunting. But the fact you’re reading this means you’re open to beginning your Reel journey and that is a reely exciting step worth celebrating (we’re having fun with this). We recommend starting small and not placing any unnecessary pressure on yourself to go viral with your first Reel. We all had to start somewhere … even Mr Mosseri! A simple way to make your debut is with a short and sweet “Day in the life” Reel. This video style is a fabulous starting point because it doesn’t have to be particularly intricate or polished. In fact, people can’t get enough of this style of raw, relatable content because it’s 1) easy to watch and 2) a fascinating insight into what people actually do.

Check out this fun ‘Day-in-the-Life’ video Maddy filmed, starred and directed earlier this month.


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Invest in a good tripod

It doesn’t have to be anything special, as long as it’s sturdy. This will give you an extra hand to film your content and reduce shakiness which may cause your content to look amateur. Amazon is a fantastic place to look online — they have plenty of affordable options that will have you filming viral-worthy content in no time.

5 new Instagram features you might've missed

Use trending audio

There’s nothing quite like a trending track! Not only are they boppy and fun to listen to, but they also help you reach a wider audience. Just make sure you’re using trending audio that aligns with your brand – don’t pick a tune just because you like the song. Although, there’s always room for leniency – especially if you hear a hilarious sound and just have to use it.

Our top two favourite audio types to select from when creating Reels are:

Trending audio

Trending audio has an arrow next to it that indicates it’s currently trending. We recommend checking the most recently posted Reel on that sound. If it’s been posted in the last 1-3 weeks, go for it!  If it’s been any longer than that, proceed with caution as the sound may be old news and using it may show you’re not in the loop (which we both know you totally are).

Early trending audio

There is an incredible sub-group of Reel experts on Instagram that work around the clock to pick and showcase the next trending audio. A simple way to increase your engagement is to embrace these sounds early (when they’re just taking off).

Instagram pit stop:

Take this opportunity to jump on Instagram and follow @reelstips for a fabulous insight into what’s trending right now. Plus, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the little arrow that appears next to audios when they’re trending.

Be a trendsetter (it’s easier than you think).

Now that you’ve got your self-confidence and audio sorted. The next step is coming up with great ideas and the best place to start is in your head. Of course, you can’t go wrong if you draw inspiration from trends, but coming up with your own original ideas is when the real magic happens!

Think outside of the box by:

  • Showcasing your niche
  • Creating your own audio
  • Being yourself!

Actions speak louder than views

We’ll be the first to admit that we love watching the views go up. But it’s really important to remember that your Reels should be part of a strategy that considers each Reel’s objective –  whether that be sharing your brand’s key messages to keep you front-of-mind, encouraging people to visit the link in your bio, sign up to your e-newsletter or simply showcasing a new product.

Quick and speedy wins the race

Although we just mentioned it’s not ALL about the views, we get it! Sometimes you just want to see how many people you can reach. That’s why we recommend keeping your Reels between 8-20 seconds to maintain your viewer’s interest. A recent study by Microsoft found that the human attention span has dropped to just – eight seconds. Keeping your reels succinct effectively encourages your followers to stick around instead of swiping away when the going gets tough (too long).

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