A brand’s social media strategy can be measured by its ability to resonate with its audience – it’s ability to connect. Unfortunately, many brands fall into the trap of ‘selling’ before brand-building – and then question why their engagement is low. It’s simple really: it’s not all about you!

Cross selling off the top of your list and swap it with adding value. It might seem counterintuitive and a bit uncomfortable, but by putting your audience first and taking a minute to think about what they might really want to see, you’re going to build credibility – which (guess what?) leads. to. sales.

Creating a tribe of loyal, like-minded followers isn’t easy, but if you put the time in and trust the process, you’ll reap the rewards in the end. We promise.

To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up 3 brands who are absolutely killing their socials right now.

Hara the Label – 216k followers

3 Brands that are Nailing their Insta Strategy Image 1

As our generation shifts towards a new era of body empowerment and body diversity, Hara the label celebrates real women. Their content is honest and authentic and frankly, refreshing. Hara’s visual strategy may not appear to be the typical on-trend, cooker-cutter aesthetic that we’re used to seeing in our feeds, but their unique less polished ‘gram has not hindered their ability to consciously create a cult of like-minded brand ambassadors who share the same values around sustainability, feminism, body empowerment and diversity.

Hara are consistent in conveying their values and messaging through their inspiring, feminine tone of voice, language and content.By creating a voice that resonates, Hara has been able to connect with an online community that genuinely shares an interest for what they post.

Will and Bear Hats – 112k followers

Top Visuals + Lifestyle Focus

Will and Bear have nailed their visual aesthetic. Their photography is premium and never compromised, which means they understand the importance of a consistent feed and regular shoots.

In terms of their messaging, they also avoid the ‘hard sell’ and concentrate their efforts on pushing an aspirational lifestyle. Their visual language tells a story of adventure that you can’t help but want to be part of.

If brand storytelling is at the top of your list, definitely give Will and Bear a look! They sell hats, but when you look at this feed, you’ll get so much more than that.

Eye of Horus Cosmetics – 56.8k

Adding Value

We all love a good ‘how-to’ tutorial; it’s educational and it’s free – especially when it comes to things like makeup! But it’s not by accident. Posting content that adds value to your customer is something brands strategically implement into their social media content strategy to engage with their audience.

Eye of Horus is killing their Insta game! The cruelty-free, natural makeup brand post regular tutorial videos, how-to tips and loads of information about the benefits of their natural ingredients and products.

The part that really stands out for us is how they cleverly weave their key messages throughout their feed to reinforce their brand values – not their products. Many of their posts are purely for their audience and purely to engage.

Creating value can include many different things; free e-books, thought-provoking messaging, tips and tricks, fun facts – there is so much to draw from.

The next time you go to post yet another product image with a call to action, take a moment to think about how you can add a new layer to your messaging.

Give yourself permission to change the narrative.