Getting ready to re-open now that Covid restrictions are set to ease in Victoria? Here are 5 marketing tips to consider before you re-open your doors.

Remember, behaviours change.

If your business relies on morning coffees and lunches for nearby office workers, you might find that your ‘locals’ aren’t so local anymore. Work from home limitations also mean a change in behaviour. Many of us have a new, local coffee spot simply due to convenience, which means relying on loyal customers isn’t a given. Competitors that remained open for takeaway may have already established themselves in the area while you were closed. Don’t be disheartened. Instead, get creative and focus on how to attract new business. Offering a locals’ discount is a great way of enticing your previous customers back when work does resume.

Make sure your website conveys your current offering to avoid disappointment.

Known for your epic stack of pancakes or imported Napoli sauce, but restrictions have affected the supply chain? Make sure your current offering is super clear. We’ve all been thinking about the food we miss and can’t wait to get back to our favourite restaurants, but if things aren’t quite the same as before, make sure you’re honest about it. Add a note to your menu, explain that things are a little different for the time being. Your customers will be understanding if they know what to expect.

Get your photography back on track.

While many business owners have been forced to handle photography in-house this year, it’s time to put the phone away and book your photographer again. Imagery is extremely important for social media, particularly in the hospitality business. While out-of-focus images and an adhoc attitude to posting may have been accepted during the pandemic, it’s time to get your social marketing strategy back on track asap.

Leverage all your communication channels.

Businesses that continued the lines of communication will be in a much stronger position to pick things up again than those that didn’t. if you were forced to close your doors or neglected your social media, now’s the time to jump online and let your customers know you’re back. Provide an opening special, drum up interest around your summer menu  – even consider partnering up with an influencer to promote a key dish. From social media to email marketing, PR and influencer engagement – it’s crucial that you make the most of your communication channels.

Make sure you have a solid marketing strategy moving forward.

A solid marketing strategy is just as important as before. Organic growth in a saturated market where everyone is competing for business is going to make it harder for businesses to cut through the noise. Ensure you have plan to get you through the next few months and beyond. And make sure you don’t neglect the areas of business that have helped you get through the last 6 months. If your takeaway menu is going really well, continue the offering. The truth is we don’t know how long we’re going to be in and out of restrictions, so if something’s working, keep it!

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