Let’s face it, when operating in a saturated market, catching and keeping your audience’s attention is a constant challenge, but with so much choice, choosing what tactics to prioritise can become very overwhelming. So how do you cut through the noise and utilise the tactics that are most suited to your brand? While every strategy is different, here are 6 key PR tactics that every brand should be across.

1. Develop and share your unique brand story and values:

Your brand story helps you to connect with your audience on an emotional level. It is your motivation behind doing what you do, the driving force behind why your customers should care and a key component in building a connection with your audience. Over time connection leads to trust and ultimately, if you do everything else right, a positive reputation – the golden PR nugget.

Once you’ve developed your unique brand story or your ‘why’, you need to share it – and keep sharing it so every single person who interacts with your business knows what you’re about. Start with your owned assets – website, social media channels, blogs, e-newsletters, paid ads. How much room do you allow to promote your ‘brand’ in a meaningful way? Meaningful is key here. We’re not saying plug your business name every moment you get or write a blog post on how great you are. Instead start seeding your brand messages and values through your content. Share those charity alignments and why they resonate with your brand story, explain why you source environmentally-friendly packaging, showcase how you value your staff and their achievements.

2. Create a content plan that connects

Connection breeds loyalty. While many brands create content to promote their products and services, many don’t have a content strategy with the purpose of connecting. As soon as you allow for content with the sole purpose of engaging and adding value rather than selling, not only will you begin to humanise your brand and open a dialogue with your audience, but you’ll have so much more to write about! Focus on the experiences your products and services afford, delve into the lifestyle of your audience and share content that they might relate to use humour if it’s suits your brand voice. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion on social issues that are important to you. Today, brands need to understand what drives connection and shouldn’t be afraid to side-step the hard sell for the sake of promoting their brand. A content strategy that includes a balance is going to put you in the best position to achieve both your objectives. After all, your brand is more than your products and services, so don’t sell it short.

3. Collaborate with credibility in mind

Influencer marketing has its place in many PR strategies. It’s great for raising awareness amongst your target audience, building your image library and establishing brand credibility, but it all comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. We work on a range of influencer marketing strategies – all with different objectives, but if you’re looking to collaborate to drive the credibility of your brand, it’s important that you do your due diligence. A well-known influencer with values that are similar to your brand with 20K followers on Instagram isn’t the weaker option compared to a lesser-known influencer that has 100k followers. Niche influencers with smaller followers have more engagement than influencers with larger but less-focused followers. It’s also important to remember that Influencers don’t have to be limited to bloggers or social media stars but can include on-brand cultural figures, artists, musicians and political figures whose followers would resonate with your brand. Collaborating with like-minded brands for promotions and causes is also another targeted way to establish brand credibility.

4. Consider purpose-driven campaigns

Last year Forbes reported a study that found consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase from, protect and champion purpose-driven companies. Securing charity partnerships or rolling out social responsibility campaigns not only allows you to do something great for humanity (go you!) but also helps to foster authenticity and credibility amongst your audience. Your customers are also more likely to connect with your brand knowing that they’re part of something bigger, but it’s important that you ensure these relationships are true to your brand. We suggest investing in a long-term relationship with a charity/purpose you feel strongly about over having many charity alignments which may confuse your messaging.

5. Remain relevant

Part of our role as PR practitioners is to monitor the news – but this is something you can do too. By keeping up with what is happening in the world, you might just spot an opportunity where you can react with expert commentary that may lead to more awareness of your brand, possibly even publicity. Microsoft did this when the NBA decided to continue with games without a crowd due to COVID-19. They promoted their “Together Mode” feature which pulls virtual participants into a “virtual reality” where they’re together. During the pandemic, many brands ensured their brands remained relevant but adjusting their PR and content strategies to make room for new restrictions. Restaurants across the world changed to a takeaway model, some businesses created lockdown boxes and so many others creative initiatives were launched. Brands that can adapt and do so quickly, creative a positive perception for their audience.

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